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Welcome back

It was 4 AM. Your head hurt. You cried for a long time, wailing into your pillow. Your phone laid beside you and even though you were angry at Berwald you prayed that he would call or text you but nothing came. There was a knock on your bedroom door. You said nothing as the knocking continued and eventually the person knocking slowly opened the door.

"________?" Tino called out to you. He came in carrying a cup. He closed the door behind him and walked to your bedside.
"________ I brought you some tea."

You almost forgot that Tino was even with you. You sat up and took the cup. It smelled sweet. You thanked Tino and brought the cup to your lips. But you couldn't bring yourself to drink.The tears welled up in your eyes again and the cup shook in your hands. You lowered it to your lap and hung your head as the tears streamed down your face.

Tino sat beside you and took the cup and placed it on your night stand.

"I'm sorry." You whimpered.
Tino shook his head. "You have no reason to be sorry."
"Yes I do." Your voice began to crack as it got louder. "I WORK WITH HIM, THATS ALL! MATHIAS IS MY FRIEND! WHY WOULD BERWALD THING SOMETHING MORE WAS HAPPENING!?" You screamed.

Tino grabbed you into a tight embrace. Tino was hurting seeing you like this. His feelings for you were hidden deep until now when he confronted Berwald and now...

"________ please don't cry. Stop crying. You did nothing wrong. Berwald's insecurity are not your own." No matter what Tino said you would shake your head and cry harder. Tino heard you cry for almost 6 hours.

He fixed his position on the bed and continued to embrace you. He cupped your face and used his sleeve to wipe your tears and nose.

"Tino. You need to be in bed. It's so late. Don't mind me." You looked up at him and meekly smiled. Tino bit his lip and kissed your cheek.

"Why are you like this? Even when you're troubled you smile at me."
"I don't understand what you're-"
"I can't stand by anymore. ________ forgive me, but my heart can't take anymore."

The next thing you know Tino had you on your back and your lips were mushed together. It surprised you and you brought your hands up and gripped Tino's shoulders.

"T-Tino wait."

Tino was able to get you to open your mouth and his tongue and your tongue glided against each others.

Your face was as red as can be. What were you doing? Why weren't you stopping him? Why did his kiss comfort you?

Tino slid off his jacket and wrapped his arms back around you. Your phone lit up and Tino's hand hit the volume button so the ringtone was muted. Even while your phone vibrated you were lost in Tino's kiss and embrace. You let him embrace you until you fell asleep in his arms.


Tino opened his eyes. He felt hair in his face and he lifted his head to see you sleeping soundly in his arms. He reached for your phone to check the time. 11AM.
He rubbed his face and looked down at you. He remembered what he did hours ago and he blushed. He sat up and covered his mouth. Both of you still had clothes on. He was glad he did not go all the way with you last night. But the would you react to the kiss now that you were level headed.

It was then he noticed the faint knocking. He stood up and walked down stairs quietly. He opened the door.
"Why is Berwald sleeping on my couch?"
"E-Emil. What are you doing here?"

"Berwald is on my couch! Sleeping. He has his own home. What happened?"

Tino invited Emil in and made him some tea and sat down with him at your kitchen table.
"So that's pretty much what happened last night. ________ just got to sleep. I'm not sure what she should do."
"You want her to break up with want her."
"Even if I did I don't think I could really do anything without seeming like a jerk."
"Well you made out with her until she fell I'd say you have a great start."

Tino placed his head in his hands and shook his head.
"What am I going to do?"

Tino and Emil looked over to see you on the last step, rubbing your eyes. Immediately Tino got up and walked to you. He placed a hand on your waist and one on your cheek.
"Did we wake you kultsi? I'm sorry." He kissed your cheek, then forehead. He was very close to you. His voice low and soft. His eyes portrayed protectiveness and concern. With your eyes half lidded you nodded and went back up the stairs to go back to sleep.

Tino turned to Emil who was slowly shaking his head.
"What was that? 'kultsi' that's something you say to a friend. Kissing her as if you two are lovers. I've never seen friendship like this."
"It just happened. I didn't hesitate or think about it. She needs me right now."
"It's admirable how much you love her, really. It sucks that it has to be under these circumstances."


Berwald rubbed his forehead. The keys in the door clicked and when it opened Berwald watched as Emil came in.
"You're still here, Berwald?"
"Where did you go?"
"I went to see ________."
"H-how is she?" Berwald's voice was a bit nervous asking that.

"Accused of being a cheater, having a big guy like you loom over and glaring at her, then crying all night...she isn't doing well."
"Ugh. I'm the worst. It's my fault. I shouldn't have let my thoughts run crazy. But I already have to worry about Tino I couldn't then handle the thoughts of Mathias having his way with her."
"It's weird seeing you lose your composure like this. I'm sure I should tell you though."

Emil handed Berwald a cup of water.
"Tino slept with her last night."
Berwald's heart sunk to his stomach and a sharp pain hit his chest.
"H-he slept with her?"
"Oop! That sounded really bad." Emil shook his head. "He comforted her, but they didn't...sleep sleep together. Although he did kiss her until she stopped crying and went to sleep."

Berwald sunk further into the couch and finished his drink. He did his best not to let Tino get to you and Berwald was the main source of your pain that enabled Tino to even do that to you.
His relationship with you was strained and fell apart. He remembers the day you came today in your blue dress, he remembers seeing your body bare for the first time, he remembers your good morning kisses. He couldn't stay down and let you be taken away...

He pulled out his phone and called your number. His nervousness grew each ring that came... but he got your voicemail. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and try again.
"She is sleeping."
Berwald shook a bit hearing Tino's voice, answering your phone.

"It's best if you don't take to her right now. She just got to sleep and I'm going to let her rest."
"...I know that you kissed ________. I know."
"What were you thinking? She's-"
"You're the last person who needs to lecture someone. Don't think that because you dated her for a while you automatically know what's best for her. I risked my life for her, I stayed up with her all night when she cried over you. Someone she loved hurting her the way you did. So i'll kiss her.Stay away from her."

Berwald looked at the phone. The tone in Tino's voice. He was very cross with Berwald. It seemed the tables have turned.


You woke up with a stretch. You sat up and looked around. You checked the time. It was 5 in the afternoon. Tino came in with small plate of food. He smiled brightly at you.
"Good afternoon sleepy head. I brought you this. It's not good to sleep all day especially if your haven't eaten."
"You're still here Tino?"

Tino sat down and placed a hand on your hand before bringing it up to his lips and kissing it.
"Of course I am. I'll always be by your side."
"Last night you...we...kissed."
"I'm sorry about that. I understand if you don't want me to stay here after what I did."

You took a deep breath and allowed your fingers to intertwine with his. You blushed a bit and kept your head lowered. "Thanks for the food. It smells good."

Tino smiled at your response and handed you one of the things on the plate and watched you eat it.

"May I kiss you?" He asked. Your eyes met and he smiled sweetly.

You leaned in to kiss him and he kissed the corner of your mouth. You'd be lying if you said that you didn't want him to kiss your lips. He seemed to have caught on to that and laughed a little.

The next time we kiss...I want you to 100% feel comfortable with it.
"Don't you want to though?" You asked. Tino's eyes widened.
"O-of course but..."
"I get it. Tino you're the best. I'm so thankful for having you with me." You kissed his cheek and went back to your plate.

Tino nodded and got up, leaving you in your room. He went into the extra room where he was staying and sat on the bed. He was glad that you didn't hate him for kissing you last night. He was happy that now he was able to express himself to you instead of having to watch you hug or kiss someone else.


All three of you would have a hard path ahead of you toward happiness.
SwedenXReaderXFinland Pt.5
It has been almost a year. This won't be the norm I promise. How have yall been?
Here is Part 5. 

How was it? A bit of a warm up before the nitty gritty begins. Finland finally gets to kiss Reader. It almost turned into a lemon but I thought that would be too...bad??? Seeing as how Reader just fought with Sweden. But I liked what I did with Reader and Finland.Finland made an impact talking to Berwald. He better watch his back. I don't even know which man to route for anymore. Iceland finally makes an appearance. 
Part 6 coming way sooner then part 5 did.
(last time I wrote a chapter I accidentally put my name in it. So if you see 'Alexis' anywhere that's me :iconimdedplz: but I was careful this time but just to be sure...)

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5: ...
Part6: Coming soon

Don't steal this.
Hetalia isn't mine blah blah all that
Reader-chan, and yes I mean you, belong to me. :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconjoffreyplz:


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Hey guys blah blah
i haven't been on in a while blah blah

going through a lot of shiiiiiiiiiiiiii-blahblah
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Im going to get back on track blah blah what is this an intervention?

It's going to get done soon. Give me a friendly punch
in the side if I need to be reminded of your request.

Hugs and love

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