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"_________, you do know that I can help right?"

  You heard this question almost everyday and still you haven't gotten tired of it.These few words were always uttered by Ludwig. A very tall man, with blonde hair, and handsome blue eyes. He was your neighbor who lived a few doors down. You moved to this little townhouse area a few years ago since it was fairly close to your college. You honestly had no idea what you planned on doing so you just took the general classes that one would need in their boring everyday life.

  You proudly made many friends that also lived in the area.Unfortunatly there were a few people who you just didn't get along with.
Your friends consisted of:

The italian brothers
and Elizabeth.

those 5 were people you talked too the most but that doesn't mean that you didn't get along with everyone. You are very nice and are always prepared to give your neighbor a cup sugar if not any pasta boxes you have lying around.
There were only three people you didn't get along with and they were:

and Phylix

When you first arrived Francis began flirting with you and you took it positively until you saw him flirting with another person not long after so you definently didn't like the way he handled things. You had tripped on the stairs and pushed Kiku into the door.Before you could explain he threw some money at you and ran upstairs. After that he tries his very best to not be in the same place as you. Phylix was okay until he criticzed your lothes and went inside your home uninvited and replaced your clothes with pink shirts.

  But despite it you loved everything.You were always on your toes and the neighbors you got to know are always there when you need help.Even going so far as to help you pay your rent to Vash every few months.But there was always that one person who would be there for you no matter what and his name was Ludwig. His name to you was weird but so was everyone else's who lived on the complex. It was very diverse.

 You met Ludwig while carrying your text books. You missed a step and began to fall when you were caught by Ludwig.Your eyes met and the earth stood still, he was strong, kind and on top of that handsome. Ever since that day he was there to help.

You sat on your small couch and flipped through channels on your plasma screen t.v. It was a gift from your parents.You wonded up watching Ellen for half an hour. A few small knocks happened on your door and you slowly got up to go answer it.
"Who is it?" You asked while leaning your ear up against the door.
"Itsa me Feliciano and Lovino."

 You hurried and opened the door. Immediatly a rectangular sized bin was pushed into your hands.It was spaghetti and meatballs. You looked confusingly at the italian brothers. Lovino plucked feliciano and he began to speak.

"Well bella, I kinda got carried away last night while making dinner and we ended up with alot more pasta then we could handle."

Your eyes widened in shock. Did Feli just say they made too much pasta?
"Besides we know how poor you are so you can eat that for dinner or whatever."

You thanked them and watched as they both nodded and left from your presense.What Lovino said about you being poor hurt a bit but it was true. You used the bulk of your money on furniture and school.So you had to save up. It was nice of them to give you this.You went into your kitchen and set it on the counter. You opened the lid and the steam went into your nose and you took a long sniff. You smiled warmly as you came to the fact that they were kind enough to heat it up for you. You grabbed a fork that was in your drawer and dug it in the pasta. Before you could eat it there was another knock.

"Who is it?"
"It's me, Ludwig."

  You jumped a few feet away from the door and your heart skipped a beat.Ludwig is standing at your door. For what you have no idea.You immediatly stand up and fix your hair and clothing. As you did this Ellen's voice from the t.v snapped you out of it.
"Now here is your chance, it came to you so take this moment and make it your own."

You turned around and shut-off your t.v.
"I know Ellen you don't have to tell me twice."
You went to the door and opened it. Ludwig was holding a plate of wurst wrapped in plastic.Ludwig took a deep breath.
"_______,I didn't know if you had plans for dinner so I made you some of the wurst I had and I am giving it to you now,"

  Ludwig worded that sentence weird and you have never heard him talk like that before. You opened the door wider and allowed him to come in. His boots made loud thumping sounds ashe walked along your wooden floor.He set the plate on a table before you moved it to the kitchen counter beside the bowl of pasta. He saw it.

"Oh you made dinner already, smells nice."
"Oh no it wasn't me, Feliciano came over and gave me his left overs from last night."
"Oh.Well wurst always goes good in pasta. I bid you farwell."  He bowed a bit and started heading out.Without thinking you grabbed his wrist. You blushed immensly but kept your head down.

"I-I don't think that I could eat all of it by myself so.I would like it if you stayed to eat with me.Also as a thank you for being there for me all the time when I needed help."
"of course."

You and Ludwig sat across from eachother on the small dining table you had that was built for you by Yao. You laughed as Ludwig ate his wurst.

"But it's true _______. You know what else during meetings with my boss Feliciano would run in crying 'Ludwig Ludwig I can't tie my shoes and i might trip and break my beautiful face' it was so embarassing. I don't know why he doesn't learn how to tie his own damn shoes."
"He did that once to me as I was leaving for classes.But instead of tying his shoe I had to help him find it, I never heard Lovino insult Feliciano so much." You laughed.
"Wait wait, do you and Lovino get along?"
"Well yeah, when that spanish guy comes around Lovino comes here to stay away from him.So I guess you could say we get along."

  Both you and Ludwig finished eating and you stood up and gathered the plates.You went into the kitchen. Ludwig kept his eyes on you.

"_______,you do know that I can help you right? So don't strain yourself."
"I won't strain myself by washing a few dishes. That's like your catchphrase Ludwig." You laugh.

Your door was banged on a couple of times before it bursted open. Gilbert shot inside aiming a couple of empty beer bottles at you and Ludwig.That is when you remembered that you forgot to lock the door.
"This is the Polizei!!! KESESESESESESE. Huh, what's this? West I didn't hink you had the potatoes to make a move on young fraulein ha ha ha ha ha ha aha!"

Ludwig stood up and went to Gilbert.
"Brother you are drunk get out of here."
Gilbert swerved a bit and evaded ludwig before making his way to you. It weirded you out since he was limping due to his drunkiness.
"Fraulein is a hot one."
"My name is _________."

Ludwig went to him and brought him away from you.
"Hey ____r___ew,"You ignored the fact that he added letters to your name he was slurring as it is and people don't always get names the first time.
"West lurrrrrvs you so good."
"Bruder be quiet."
"He tells you that he...he...that he loves you every day.But you don't get a hints cuz' your an empty head."

  You were confused yet you still managed to blush.
"Ludwig loves me? The only thing he says to me is that he can help."
Gilbert and Ludwig stopped and looked at you as you began to think. Ludwig looked into your eyes still making sure to restrain his older brother. Your blush became brighter and you fell to your knees and shreaked.

"___rt__yu finally got. Wesssssssssssette is so silly hehe hehehe.But don't frieght kleinen bruder 'cuz fraulein loves you too."

"What? Who told you?"You asked in shock.
"Elizabeta told me, She was so excited to tell me and stoof."

You should've known not to tell Elizabeth. When it comes to crush's she can't contain herself.You stood up and gulped.

"Is that true _______?" Ludwig asked. You looked at him and nodded.He blushed and smiles which caused you to do the same.

"Don't just stand their you big lug. Go over there and küssen Sie dieses Mädchen!!!"

 To Ludwig's surprise Gilbert had gained control and pushed him towards you.It all happened so quickly but when you opened your eyes you and Ludwig were kissing. Gilbert luaghed maniacally. "Geez west all I said was kiss the girl not mame her.Antonio and Francis walked in and started to whistle.

"It's about time Ludwig."
"Darn he got to kiss her before I did. But love is love non?"
 Gilbert turned around and ran to his two best friends. You and Ludwig pulled away and were blushing immensly.

"I-I should probably get my big brother home before he breakes something."
"Thank you for dinner _______"

You both turned to look at eachother. Ludwig was the one who broke the silence yet again.
"Tomorrow you could come over to my place, and have dinner."
You smiled. " I would like that alot."  
Ludwig kissed you on the cheek and began to walk away. He threw Gilbert over his shoulders and left out.A dancing Francis and Antonio followed suite.

There was absolutly no way you could focus on school now. But maybe Ludiwg can help.
requested by :iconaustriakaninchen:

I believe this to be my first GermanyXREADER fic and I did enjoy it. I hope Kanin liked it aswell.

If you like it please comment. Comments give me a warm feeling. :iconblushplz:

Hetalia isn't mine :iconderpplz:
But you belong to me *cuddlez*
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Victoria-Walker925 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Student Writer
Me: Pffffft~...
Friend: What?
Me: People can be funny when they're drunk XD
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"Hey Heatherrew,"


We need to make this a game.
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When prussia came in I could not take this seriously and laughed way to much~
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I can never tell my online friend any secrets... Good to know
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derpyandluna Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Damn. I didn't think Prussia was capable of getting THAT drunk. XD

Awesome fanfic, by the way.

Prussia: *Hick* But not as AWERSOME as me, right?. *Hick*

Me: Nein, Prussia. Not aw awesome as you.

Orange-Flamethrower Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
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"He threw Gilbert over his shoulders and left out". forgot about me Ludwig my dear. ~:3
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"You had tripped on the stairs and pushed Kiku into the door.Before you could explain he threw some money at you and ran upstairs. After that he tries his very best to not be in the same place as you."

I laughed so hard and felt horrible at the same time.
Good read, though. :aww:
SecretGermanyLover Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You should continue it. Pwretty pwease wizh wurst on top?
IggyTales Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my. Maybe I will make a part 2 since you asked so nicely.Hopefully I will get more people like you to want another part.
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I would like a part 2. <: Lol. It's just so cuuute. <3 And I love Ludwig. (: <3
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